Riding with a disability might seem like an impossible task. You would like to, or know someone who would just LOVE being on a bike. But you have no idea on where to get a bike, no idea on what bike would work.We get you, we’ve been there… We understand

With over 30 years of experience advising Australians on cargo bikes, we are happy to help you and your family find the right bike for your needs.

We stock a wide range of bikes suitable for many different needs. Our range includes bikes for wheelchairs, tandem bikes, side to side rides, box bikes etc

With a background in special need nursing and hands-on personal experience with a son in a wheelchair we understand the needs, complications and the freedom a bike can give to any family. As NDIS providers we have you, our customer, your wishes and needs at the front of our mind, helping and advising the best we can. 

We work with O.T.’s, physio’s, health specialists, families & always listen and ask questions help finding the best bike for everyBODY.

We cater for the whole community, we are a proud member of Acon’s Welcome Here Project. We create and promote an environment that is visibly welcoming and inclusive of LGBTIQ people

Here with our son, a Perthes warrior!

Why consider riding with someone with a disability?

  • Inclusive for all family members, younger siblings and friends can ride in the bike with the client, helping equality.
  • Other family members (siblings, niece/nephew, cousins etc) cycle the bike, helping in family – bonding, very important in the years to come, in the future it will be important that family has a positive connection with the client. Riding a bike is an easy way to do an activity. Also for friends and family members who can find it difficult to find an activity that suits them.
  • Both mum and dad can ride the bike due to the easy adjustment of the seat and the electric assist making it a very easy ride for everyone. The whole family can go out and about.
  • Inclusive in the community, going to the shops, library etc. having a chat with someone is much easier in the bike. People will see the client and get to know him/her, making him part of the community. Fresh air, the wind on his face, feeling the elements.
  • You may think that you’re safe little home is much better for you than the big wide world, but it’s not so, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Studies have found that the concentration of some pollutants is often two-to-five times—and sometimes more than 100 times—higher indoors than outdoors.
  • Feeling of adventure, part of a team, doing something together. Community and family rides, the client can be in charge of the snacks and jacket/jumper. They will feel independent, important and part of a team.
  • New things, being slightly out of your comfort zone will help anyone grow.
  • Outdoors/being in nature helps with; mental health, reduces stress, fight anxiety and much more

Some options


With different tandem options, for children and adult, including folding options to take the tandem with you on holidays etc our tandems are great for many people! Think of the following: kids who can ride, but have no sense of direction or steering or kids that can ride, but are non-weight bearing can now go on family adventures.
Adults that can ride, but have visibility issues, or have lost the sense of their environment (eg dementia)

Dutch Cargo BIke Kids tandem NDIS

Nihola makes some great options for people in a wheelchair. The flex, which carries a standard wheelchair. The Flex 2.0 can carry a bigger (electric chair). Both trikes come with a ramp to wheel the chair on to the platform. The Flex comes in an acoustic and electric pedal assist version.

Dutch Cargo BIke NDIS wheelchair bike
Nihola Flex disabled bike shown with door closed

The Nihola rehab is a wonderful nimble trike with a fully opening door, a child or adult can walk, supported into the cabin. There is an option to place your own (PANDA) chair on special brackets, or we can supply a bench with a harness. This trike comes with a run/sun roof, so you can ride in any weather! It comes with a powerful electric assist.

Dutch Cargo BIke Nihola Rehab bike for NDIS
Dutch cargo Bike Nihola Rehab Trike for NDIS
You can book in a face to face consultation in Melbourne, or give us a call. We work with regular phone calls, but also do face to face via WhatsApp. Sometimes it’s just easier to be able to see each other, we get that! Book your private consultation via the button below. Get tailored advice, for you and your family or client!
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