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Nijland Singly Air eTrike

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  • Singly Air-E Tricycle

    The renewed Singly Air comes with adjustable air suspension, providing you with a safe and confident feeling during your bike rides. The bike has undergone several technical improvements and received a new, modern look. The Singly Air maintains its unique features, offering a comfortable road grip due to its low center of gravity and the adjustability of both the seat and the handlebars. The bike has an extremely low and spacious step-through of only 20 centimeters, making it easy to sit on the comfortable seat. The Singly Air is available both with and without electric assistance.

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    Air Suspension The Singly Air features a unique adjustable air suspension that contributes to optimal riding comfort. By inflating the air bladder, the desired comfort level can be set. This can be done with a regular bicycle pump.

    Spacious Low Step-Through with Step Plate The Singly Air features an extremely low and spacious step-through thanks to the downward redirected bicycle chain. New is the completely redesigned chain guard with a fresh look and step-through part. This step-through part can assist in getting on and off the bike and can also be used to rest your legs while stationary.

    Compact Design Thanks to its compact design and agile steering mechanism, the Singly Air has a small turning radius. This makes parking or turning on the road very easy. Additionally, it takes up little space when you want to store it, for example, in the shed or garage. The total length of the Singly Air is 183 centimeters. The bike is only 74 centimeters wide, allowing it to fit through a standard doorway and making it easy to store in the shed or storage room.

    Relaxed Seating For optimal comfort, the Singly Air features an ergonomically shaped infinitely adjustable seat with an ergonomic back cushion. The bike can be easily adjusted to your body height. The seat is also adjustable in angle for a more active or relaxed seating position. If desired, the seat can be customized and/or equipped with seat cushions for even more support and comfort.

    Hydraulic Disc Brakes on Rear Wheels By using hydraulic disc brakes on the rear wheels, the braking power has been improved, allowing the bike to come to a quick stop with minimal effort.

    User-Friendly Assist Motor The Singly Air is available both with and without an assist motor. In the electrically supported model with the user-friendly display, you can choose from 9 assistance levels. This allows you to find a level and speed that suits you and the current biking conditions best.

    Pedal assistance provides an extra push. Cycling becomes easier, allowing you to ride uphill more effortlessly and cover longer distances. The Singly Air-E features a reliable 250 Watt front wheel motor and a detachable battery in the luggage carrier. The motor can be personally programmed for you, and you can choose from 9 levels as well as 3 or 5 assistance levels according to your preferences.

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