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i:SY N3.8 ZR Bosch 545wh with BES3 Bosch Performance Line Smart System

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  • The N3.8 models have the BOSCH SMART (BES3) SYSTEM and a continuously variable ENVIOLO hub gear, an easy-care toothed belt drive and a BOSCH Performance Line drive unit that have long been a permanent fixture in our portfolio. Optimum for frequent riders and pleasure cyclists alike on flat or hilly terrain.

    Why decide on this i:SY model
    ENVIOLO N3.8 internal gear hub: Continuously variable and silent gear shift, even under load!

    The i:SY N3.8 ZR is equipped with the continuously adjustable ENVIOLO internal gear hub for simple, comfortable, silent gear shifting, which Ieveryone loves. There’s a display on the handlebars where a little man on a bike shows me whether the current gear ratio is suitable for flat terrain or a climb.

    The Intuvia display is very easy to read and the BOSCH Performance Line drive supplies plenty of power on both flat and hilly terrain. It’s the ideal model for life in a town or the hilly countryside.

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