Nihola Rehab

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  • The nihola rehab cargo bike was developed for transporting people with limited mobility. The aluminium front door can be opened, so a person can easily go in and out of the cabin itself.

    Unique to nihola is the steering system. It is simple, maintenance-free and stable. It is the type used on a car where the front wheels turn independently of the frame. Stability is the key to safety in relation to both the children being transported and the rider of the bike. Only nihola has this system which makes it the best-handling trike and most stable on the market today. Try it and you will see for yourself before you decide.

    Also available with electric assist, the battery will be placed inside the box.


    The Panda seat in the picture is for demonstration purposes only. The bike comes with either a bench (like in the medium/family) or a bracket to fit your own seat.

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