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Nihola Small

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  • The Nihola Small is our most popular model for seniors wanting to ride around and run errands. Also works great for people with a disability, with the small box, low gravity and extremely low instep it is almost impossible to tip, making it stable to ride with confidence.

    A child bench in the cabin are available.

    The frame is built up of a closed double tube frame without corners consisting of top and bottom frame tubes that are welded together with 5 vertical steel sections

    Unique to nihola is the steering system. It is simple, maintenance free and stable. It is the type used on a car where the front wheels turn independently of the frame. Stability is the key to safety in relation to both the children being transported and the rider of the bike. Only nihola has this system which makes it the best-handling trike and most stable on the market today.

    Nihola bikes have the most space between the cabin floor and rain hood roof on the market, this means it is possible to use the rain hood even when transporting larger children. The distance from the seat to the handlebars is also the longest on the market, which our long-legged customers are very happy about.

    Also available with electric assist, battery will be placed inside the box.

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