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STÆRK Tandem with Bosch motor and 10-speed (B10)

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  • The STÆRK B10 comes equipped with a Bosch Performance motor. The Performance Line is Bosch's most versatile drive system, delivering the right support at the right moment. The motor provides assistance up to 25 km/h and offers a natural, sporty riding experience.

    Please note: the image shown features different handlebars.

    Technical Specifications
    Foldable Frame
    - Choice of color: Black or Red
    - Other RAL colors available for additional cost

    Bosch Performance Motor
    – 65NM
    - Support up to 20 km/h
    - Easy to operate

    – Bosch Intuvia
    - Readable in all lighting conditions
    - Operable without having to take your hands of the handle bar
    - Walk-assist function available

    – 500Wh
    - Mounted on the frame

    – 28 inch
    - 48 spokes (front and rear)
    - Rear hub reinforced with hub rings
    - Strong STÆRK black rims
    - Puncture-resistant Continental Contact tires 42mm

    - Hydraulic disc brakes (front and rear)

    10 speed achterderailleur
    – Microshift M61 – 10 speed

    Freewheel crank rear
    - The rear cyclist can optionally keep their legs still.

    - Linked to the battery
    – 40lux Spanninga AXENDO
    - Operable from the display

    - Multi-grip handlebars, allowing for a change in riding position without dismounting.
    - Handlebar stems adjustable in height and forward and backward
    - Foam handles covered with leather.

    - Comfortable Bassano Volare Seat
    - Seat posts with suspension

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