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Nihola Combo Wheelchair & Taxi

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  • Introducing the groundbreaking fusion of TAXI and FLEX2, specifically designed to accommodate large wheelchairs. This innovative concept is a global first and promises to be a game-changer for schools, nursing homes, and charitable organizations.

    Our unique design allows seamless interchangeability between a bench and wheelchair space, all without the need for any tools. With this versatile solution, you can effortlessly bring anyone along for the ride.

    Key Features:

    • Double Passenger Seat: With a width of 95 cm, comfortably accommodates two passengers.
    • Automatic Front Leg Support: Activated by the front ramp, ensuring stability and safety.
    • Easy Removal: The double passenger seat can be effortlessly detached without the use of tools.
    • Ackermann Steering: Guarantees secure and stable riding experience.
    • Traffic-Safe Colors: High-visibility hues enhance safety on the road.
    • Comfortable Soft Seat: Equipped with a 50 mm thick cushion for added comfort.
    • Convenient Entrance: Easy and safe access facilitated by a front ramp with a 19° entrance angle.
    • Adjustable Features: Customizable armrest and isolated leg cover for personalized comfort.
    • Durable Construction: Crafted from lightweight yet sturdy materials, including aluminum.
    • Made in Denmark: Every component is meticulously manufactured in Denmark, ensuring top-notch quality.

    What truly sets nihola apart is its steering system. Simplicity, maintenance-free operation, and stability define this unique system, reminiscent of car steering. The independent movement of the front wheels enhances stability, ensuring the safety of both passengers and riders. nihola's exclusive steering system makes it the best-handling trike, setting a new standard for stability in the market.

    Experience unparalleled safety, comfort, and versatility with nihola's TAXI and FLEX2 combination. Join us in revolutionizing transportation for all, one ride at a time.

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