Tern Pack Rack

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  • The Pack Rack is ingeniously designed to attach directly to the bike frame, rather than the front fork. This unique feature allows you to securely strap your bag or backpack to the rack, ensuring a stable ride and excellent maneuverability even when carrying substantial loads. For BYB owners, the front tube of the Pack Rack serves as a convenient handle, making it effortless to tow the folded bike.

    Key Features:

    • Frame-mounted rack guarantees stable steering, even under heavy loads.
    • Functions as a comfortable handle for trolleying a folded BYB, enhancing portability.
    • Remains securely in place while riding, folding, and trolleying the bike.
    • Compatible with KLICKfix® Rackpack bags and baskets, offering versatile storage options.
    • Comes with adjustable straps to securely fasten items, providing added convenience and peace of mind during your rides.

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