Tern Market Basket

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  • The Tern Market Basket is a versatile and spacious basket designed for use on bicycles. Here are some of its key features and details:

    1. Convertible Design: The basket is designed to be easily converted from a hand-basket to a bike-basket, providing flexibility in its use. This means you can carry it with you as a hand-basket while shopping or convert it into a bike-basket when cycling.

    2. Ample Storage Capacity: With a 23-liter capacity, the Tern Market Basket offers plenty of space to carry a variety of items. It can accommodate a backpack, groceries for a weekend, or even provide a comfortable space for your furry friend when used as a bike-basket.

    3. Secure Mounting System: The basket is designed around the KLICKfix® TopKlip mounting system, which ensures a secure and easy attachment and detachment process. This system is engineered to handle both light and heavy loads, providing stability during your rides.

    4. Multi-Purpose: When unclipped from the bike, the Tern Market Basket serves as a spacious and durable grocery basket. This versatility makes it a useful accessory for everyday tasks and errands.

    5. Compatibility: The basket is compatible with most Tern and BioLogic rear racks. This compatibility ensures that it can be easily integrated into your existing bike setup.

    6. Durability: The Tern Market Basket is built to last, ensuring its longevity even with regular use and exposure to the elements.

    Overall, the Tern Market Basket offers a practical and stylish solution for carrying various items on your bicycle, whether you're running errands, going grocery shopping, or simply taking a leisurely ride with your essentials. Its convertible design, ample capacity, and secure mounting system make it a convenient and reliable accessory for cyclists.

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