Tern Luggage Truss CMT

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  • Introducing the Luggage Truss CMT, a game-changer that revolutionizes cargo transportation on your Tern bike. This innovative accessory allows you to mount cargo directly onto the bike frame rather than the front fork, ensuring enhanced steering stability and a ride that's completely free from wobbles. Exclusively compatible with Tern bikes equipped with the robust Combo Mount, the Luggage Truss CMT offers unmatched performance and convenience.

    Key Features:

    1. Improved Steering Stability: By shifting the weight from the fork to the frame, it ensures uncompromised steering, allowing you to maintain control and stability, even with heavy loads.

    2. KLICKfix® Compatibility: Designed to be KLICKfix®-compatible, it features a quick-release mechanism for effortless attachment and detachment of bags, baskets, and racks. Enjoy hassle-free cargo customization according to your needs.

    3. Integrated Lock: Equipped with an integrated lock, providing an added layer of security for your cargo while you're on the go.

    4. Advanced Design: The Luggage Truss CMT boasts an updated design crafted from formed aluminum plate, enhancing its strength and stiffness. This ensures durability and reliability even under challenging conditions.

    5. Low Profile Design: Designed to be sleek and low-profile, it doesn't affect the folded size of your bike. Enjoy the convenience of easy folding without any additional bulk.

    6. Exclusive Combo Mount Compatibility: Specifically designed for Tern bikes equipped with the Combo Mount, ensuring a seamless and secure fit for a variety of cargo-carrying needs.

    Experience unmatched stability, security, and ease of use with the Luggage Truss CMT, the ultimate solution for reliable and wobble-free cargo transportation on your Tern bike.

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