Tern Lockstand Protector

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  • The Tern Atlas Lockstand Protector is designed as a preventive measure to maintain the functionality of the Atlas Lockstand by protecting it from debris accumulation, particularly in small moving parts that could affect its proper operation.

    Here's an overview of the features and components of the Lockstand Protector:

    1. Purpose: To prevent dirt, salt, or other debris from entering the small moving parts of the Atlas Lockstand, which can hinder its smooth operation over time.

    2. Maintenance Tips:

      • Regularly cleaning the Atlas Lockstand is recommended to ensure its proper functioning. Instructions for cleaning are provided via a link.
    3. Functionality:

      • The Lockstand Protector serves as a safeguard against debris accumulation within the locking mechanism.
      • It comprises three connectors:
        • A hook that attaches to the Lockstand's spring cable.
        • An elastic band that extends over the latch bracket.
        • A tab that inserts into the slot on top of the latching mechanism on the base plate.
    4. Installation:

      • Installing the Lockstand Protector is intended to reduce the frequency of maintenance required for the lockstand.
      • The protector sheath fits over the lockstand's latch, covering critical areas susceptible to debris accumulation.
    5. Purpose of Connectors:

      • The hook, elastic band, and tab function together to securely cover and protect the latch and its associated parts from debris.
    6. Benefits:

      • By minimizing the intrusion of dirt and other foreign particles, the protector contributes to the long-term smooth operation of the lockstand.

    In essence, the Lockstand Protector acts as a preventative measure to maintain the Atlas Lockstand's functionality by creating a barrier against debris. Installing this protector could potentially reduce the frequency of necessary maintenance, ensuring the lockstand continues to operate smoothly over time.

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