Tern Hauler Rack

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  • The Hauler Rack is designed to strike the perfect balance between carrying capacity and maneuverability for your bike. Here are some key features and benefits of the Hauler Rack:

    1. Size: The Hauler Rack is designed to be "Goldilocks" in size, meaning it's not too big to hinder your bike's maneuverability but still spacious enough to carry a substantial amount of cargo. This makes it versatile for various hauling needs.

    2. Open-Ended Design: The rack features an open-ended design, allowing you to easily carry items like backpacks, boxes, or other bulky objects that might not fit on a closed platform.

    3. Bungee Cord: The Hauler Rack includes a handy bungee cord, which can be used to secure your cargo, preventing it from shifting or falling off while you ride.

    4. Mounting Holes: The base of the rack is equipped with mounting holes, providing an easy and secure way to bolt a crate or other storage container onto the rack. This allows you to create a semi-permanent storage solution for carrying groceries or smaller items, enhancing the rack's versatility.

    In summary, the Hauler Rack is a well-balanced front rack designed to accommodate a range of cargo-carrying needs. Its open-ended design, bungee cord, and mounting holes make it a practical choice for carrying various types of items while cycling, from everyday essentials to larger, bulkier loads. This rack adds functionality to your bike setup, making it a versatile tool for transporting goods conveniently and securely.

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