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Riese and Muller Transporter 65

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  • The Transporter 85. The “space miracle” among Cargo Bikes.

    Transporter 85 – its name says it all: safely transport larger loads and cargo from A to B thanks to its versatile transport options. The Transporter 85 always gets you to your destination carefree with its powerful Bosch Performance Line motor and low-maintenance belt drive. And it adapts perfectly to your needs with its versatile accessories – whether you need to transport bulky goods or smaller items.

    This comes with box with cover - Transport miracle.
    The box of the Transporter 85 provides you with a cargo area 87.5 cm in length and 70 cm in width. The flat box cover lets you carry up to around 375 litres safely and closed securely, while the high box cover lets you transport up to 465 litres. Two gas pressure springs let you open and close the box covers with ease, and also keep the box covers open when loading. As an added bonus, you can also transport small items separately in a special compartment in the base of the box.


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