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Riese and Muller Multitinker Vario with BEs3 Bosch Smart System

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  • The Multitinker urban E-Bike emerges as the ultimate urban car replacement, excelling at transporting goods, groceries, and even children through the city with ease and safety. Designed for practicality and efficiency, it addresses the challenges of urban mobility seamlessly.

    With a focus on stability and compactness, the Multitinker boasts a low center of gravity, ensuring a secure and stable ride. Its streamlined frame doesn't compromise on space, making it a versatile choice for bustling city streets. The inclusion of ingenious features like 20-inch wheels, an integrated frame bag, and a trailer attachment interface underscores its commitment to providing a comprehensive solution to urban transportation needs.

    Addressing family transportation, the Multitinker is equipped to carry up to two children or a larger passenger weighing up to 65 kg at the back. The addition of standard sideloaders ensures ample foot space for passengers, while a spoke guard enhances safety by preventing inadvertent contact with the spokes. The bike's low center of gravity adds to the overall safety and ease of use, complemented by a standard bipod stand that simplifies mounting and dismounting.

    For families with young children, the optional Safety bar kit offers a secure solution for carrying children aged 1 to 7. Coupled with a child seat meeting DIN EN 14344 standards, this setup guarantees their safety while on the move. The Passenger kit is another option, providing a comfortable foam seat and handle for older children aged 7 and above.

    The Multitinker truly shines in its cargo-carrying capabilities. Powered by the robust Bosch Performance Line Cargo motor and a 625 Wh battery, it effortlessly accommodates groceries and goods. The front luggage carrier and innovative frame bag cater to various storage needs, while the bike's compact design and low center of gravity ensure a smooth ride, even when fully laden. Larger items can be accommodated through sideloaders or the trailer attachment interface, adding a layer of versatility.

    Safety remains paramount throughout the Multitinker's design. From its low center of gravity and 20-inch wheels that enhance stability to features like the spoke guard and bipod stand, every detail is meticulously considered. A powerful headlight with a wide beam ensures visibility in traffic, while the Magura disc brakes provide reliable stopping power.

    In a world where urban transportation demands flexibility and efficiency, the Multitinker E-Bike rises to the occasion, embodying safety, versatility, and innovative design. Whether carrying precious passengers or navigating busy streets with cargo, it offers a compelling solution for the modern city dweller.

    All our MultiTinkers come with the GX options and a chain bag under the seat for extra security.

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