Riese and Muller Cargo Front Carrier

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  • The Riese and Muller Cargo Front Carrier is designed for the Multitinker and Multicharger/Multicharger Mixte models, and this front luggage carrier provides a larger loading area without sacrificing comfort.

    What sets this carrier apart is its frame attachment, which suspends the transported goods. This suspension effectively shields your cargo from vibrations, ensuring that delicate or fragile items stay secure during transit. With a weight capacity of up to 15 kg, you can effortlessly transport a range of items, from groceries and sports bags to provisions and more. Whether you’re running errands or embarking on a longer journey, this front carrier enhances your bike’s utility and convenience.

    Expanded Cargo Space: Provides a larger loading area for increased cargo capacity.
    Vibration Protection: Suspends cargo to shield it from vibrations during the ride.
    Secure Transportation: Safely transport up to 15 kg of groceries, sports gear, or provisions.
    Enhanced Utility: Elevates your bike’s versatility and utility for everyday errands or longer journeys.
    Customized Compatibility: Specifically designed for Multitinker and Multicharger/Multicharger Mixte models.

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