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Riese and Muller Load 60 Vario

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  • The Load4 60 defies the traditional cargo bike stereotype, offering impeccable handling across all terrains – be it tarmac, forest trails, or gravel roads. Its exceptional maneuverability and agility make you forget you're on a cargo bike. Enhanced by a low center of gravity, the Bosch Cargo Line motor, and Riese & Müller Control Technology, it guarantees a dynamic riding experience.

    Emphasizing the significance of child safety, the Load4 60 is equipped with five-point seat belts for up to two children aged 7 or younger. Coupled with cushioned seats, these features ensure comfortable and secure rides in town or countryside. The bike adheres to safety standards, available exclusively with side walls, and a loading surface approved for up to 65 kg. National regulations for transporting children on bikes should be observed.

    Contrary to the conventional perception of cargo bikes, the Load4 60 prioritizes both fun and utility, courtesy of Control Technology. Its optimized chassis and fine-tuned full suspension guarantee comfort and safe riding even at higher speeds. Vibrations and shocks from uneven surfaces are effectively cushioned.

    With a versatile cargo area, the Load4 60 accommodates various items, secured conveniently to rails. Complemented by multiple side wall and cover options, its loading surface of 60 cm length and 52 cm maximum width offers freedom for transporting anything from camping gear to sports equipment. This adaptability showcases the bike's versatility and commitment to catering to individual needs.

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