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Riese and Muller Packster 70 Touring

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  • The Packster 70 redefines the concept of effortless living. Designed to effortlessly accommodate various needs, from transporting three children to carrying substantial weekly groceries, this family E-Bike guarantees safe and secure transportation for everything. Impressively, the Packster 70 seamlessly blends ease of handling, secure riding attributes, and an environmentally conscious ethos through its use of sustainable materials. Moreover, its adaptability is elevated by its height-adjustable saddle and stem, ensuring quick adjustments to suit different riders.

    The 100% recyclable EPP box, produced with zero emissions, boasts ample space for up to three children aged 7 or younger. Upholding the highest safety standards, the child seats feature 5-point seat belts, accompanied by side impact protection that ensures top-tier safety in urban traffic. The central railing serves a dual purpose as a grab handle. The inclusion of optional accessories, like the resource-efficient all-season child cover or tarpaulin, mirrors the commitment to sustainability. The child seats are crafted from 100% recycled material, assuring parents of a worry-free means of transporting their children. Adhering to regulations, the loading surface is approved for a maximum of 65 kg, and national guidelines for child transportation on bikes must be observed.

    Boasting a 70-cm-long and 60-cm-wide loading surface, the Packster 70, in its basic configuration, offers a cargo space of up to 240 litres. By incorporating the optional Cargo Carry System, the shock-absorbing and insulating EPP box adapts seamlessly to diverse transport needs. This system not only accommodates level cargo surfaces but also ensures secure transport for standard Euro boxes and storage for smaller items. With the versatility of various elements and adjustment options, the Cargo Carry System allows the secure transport of approximately 375 litres, even with the optional high box cover.

    The Packster 70's usability shines whether you're riding, parking, getting on and off, or loading. With a low center of gravity and meticulous attention to detail, the bike remains remarkably user-friendly at all times. Its small turning circle makes it ideal for navigating tight spaces with ease. The integration of a high-performance headlamp with daytime running lights, along with strategically positioned reflectors, ensures optimal visibility for both the rider and others on the road. Tektro disc brakes provide dependable stopping power, ensuring safety even when carrying substantial loads.

    In essence, the Packster 70 transcends the mundane, offering a blend of practicality, sustainability, and exceptional functionality. Its versatility in accommodating both people and cargo, combined with its intuitive design and safety features, exemplifies modern urban mobility. The Packster 70 stands as a testament to a harmonious fusion of form and function, providing an unparalleled solution for contemporary family and cargo transportation needs.

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