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Orbea Rise

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    Rise redefined the world of lightweight e-MTBs with its "more bike, less E" philosophy. It stands as the most natural feeling ebike available, bringing riders closer to the trail and defying expectations of how an ebike should ride.


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    THE MOST AWARDED MTB BRAND OF THE YEAR The hard work never stops, but it's important to celebrate the results of our dedicated team's efforts.

    RISE RETURNS, LIGHTER AND WITH MORE BATTERY OPTIONS Rise is back, lighter than ever and offering more battery options. It's ready to open up longer adventures and take you to even more epic locations.

    INTENDED USE Trail, Big Mountain

    MOTOR Shimano EP801-RS / Shimano EP600-RS


    • 360WH
    • 540WH


    • 140MM - 150MM / 140MM

    WEIGHT From 15.9kg

    MATERIAL Carbon / Alloy

    SUPERCHARGE YOUR RIDE Rider Synergy means that when you pedal harder, RISE responds instantly, multiplying your efforts and propelling you forward. The power delivery feels natural, allowing you to focus on the joy of riding.

    IT'S ALL ABOUT THE RIDE Rise is one of the lightest ebikes in its class, thanks to obsessive weight reduction. It redefines ebike handling, offering a ride that's smooth, responsive, and exhilarating.

    The reactive, exciting handling is due in part to its lack of inertia, but frame rigidity also plays a vital role. Our SBS system ensures a lighter, stiffer frame, allowing us to tune the rigidity similar to our non-electric bikes.

    CONFIGURE RISE WITH THE BATTERY THAT SUITS YOUR RIDE Choose between the bigger 540WH battery for longer rides or the lighter 360WH battery for shorter trips. Our Modular Battery Solution lets you add the Range Extender for extended rides or leave it behind when you want to shed some weight.

    MORE RIDING, LESS WEIGHT Our 1.5X factor delivers more range from smaller, lighter batteries. With a focus on lighter weight, increased efficiency, and greater reliance on your legs, Rise offers approximately 50% more riding than a traditional ebike.

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