i:SY XXL E5 ZR F Comfort Bosch 545wh with BES3 Bosch Performance Line Smart System

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  • The i:SY XXL has a load capacity for a rider up to 150kg. And for people up to 6’8.

    The XXL E5 ZR F Comfort impresses with a 5-speed hub gear from SHIMANO developed specifically for e-bikes and a clean toothed belt drive. 

    The Comfort equipment includes a suspension seat post from BySchulz, a more cranked handlebar, a shorter stem for more upright sitting and a larger saddle for even more riding comfort. The i:SY XXL was primarily developed for tall drivers (up to 210 cm). All parameters are adjusted accordingly and are therefore designed for higher loads. The permissible total weight is 180 kilograms. The new BOSCH Smart System takes you into the digital e-bike world and connects the display, the control unit and the motor to your smartphone via the ebike Flow app. Like every i:SY, the XXL E5 ZR F Comfort also impresses with cross-series equipment elements. In addition to height adjustment, the Speedlifter Twist also allows the handlebars to be rotated horizontally by 90 degrees, without any tools. In addition, as with all i:SYs, the pedals can be folded in with one click.

    • powerful BOSCH Performance Line motor with 75 Nm and smart BOSCH system
    • SHIMANO Nexus 5-speed hub gear with low-maintenance GATES® CDX Centertrack timing belt drive
    • including i:SY front luggage rack and frame lock with the same key

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