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i:SY E5 ZR F Bosch 545wh with BES3 Bosch Performance Line Smart System

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  • Introducing the E5 ZR with BOSCH SMART (BES3) SYSTEM: the ideal choice for active urban commuters. This sleek model features a 5-speed hub gear from Shimano, paired with a custom toothed belt drive designed specifically for e-bikes, ensuring a seamless ride. The SHIMANO Nexus 5-speed gear shift with freewheel guarantees effortless transitions. Powered by the Bosch Performance Line, this version of the i:SY is perfect for those navigating city streets.

    Versatility at its Best: The i:SY caters to a wide range of cyclists, from leisure riders and all-weather commuters to city explorers and avid tourers. Whether you're embarking on a short jaunt or a lengthy adventure, the i:SY adapts to your needs, adding a touch of joy to your daily routine. Tackle headwinds, conquer steep hills, and even scale towering mountains – nothing will deter you. In fact, you'll embrace these challenges, discovering new cycling routes and relishing the sheer ease of riding.

    Tailored to Your Preferences: It's essential to consider your intended usage when choosing an i:SY model. Each i:SY bike shares a core set of components, differing primarily in Bosch motors, drivetrains (chain or toothed belt), and gear systems. Reflect on how you plan to utilize your i:SY – be it for short urban rides, extended tours, or adventurous cycling expeditions.

    Understanding the Variations: The disparities in the gear systems encompass overall gear ratio, operational smoothness, and component quality. Bosch motors are intricately matched with these systems, boasting varying torques. A higher torque empowers you with greater pedal assistance, making inclines more manageable. Remember, it's not just the gear ratio that determines your ability to conquer mountains; the motor's power plays a pivotal role. So, choose wisely, considering the terrain you'll encounter. Your i:SY experience hinges on this thoughtful decision. Happy cycling!

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