i:SY Speed XXL P12 ZR

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  • Introducing the i:SY Speed ​​XXL P12 ZR, featuring the revolutionary Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) from PINION. This innovative unit combines gearshift and engine, offering a gear range of 600 percent and a powerful 85 Nm of support. The MGU is extremely low-maintenance and almost wear-free due to its closed system, ensuring a harmonious driving experience with optimal coordination between the circuit and motor. It also allows for switching under load, providing unparalleled convenience.

    The bike is powered by the Compact Core battery with 800 Wh from FIT, ensuring maximum range for long journeys. The new frame shape includes an integrated quick release with theft protection for added convenience.

    The i:SY Speed ​​is now available in the XXL frame shape for the first time, offering exceptional driving comfort suitable for riders from 1.70 m to 2.10 m. For riders under 1.85m, some components can be individualized for maximum comfort, including a shorter stem and more curved handlebars. Please note that the total weight must not exceed 150 kg due to the higher speed.

    Looking for a relaxing alternative to driving? Our i:SY SPEED Pedelecs offer sustainable, sporty, and stress-free commuting with motor support of up to 45 km/h. However, please be aware that they require insurance and a license plate, and riders must wear a specially designed bicycle helmet. Additionally, riding is only permitted on roads, not cycle paths, and parking on the sidewalk is not allowed.

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