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i:SY P12

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  • Introducing the latest P12 models, featuring the revolutionary Motor.Gearbox.Unit (MGU) from PINION. This unit seamlessly integrates gearshift and engine functions, boasting a remarkable gear range of 600 percent and 85 Nm of support, making it an absolute powerhouse. What sets the MGU apart is its unprecedented low-maintenance and almost wear-free design, thanks to its closed system. The circuit and motor are perfectly coordinated, delivering a harmonious driving experience. Plus, the MGU allows for shifting under load, a remarkable feature. Paired with the Compact Core battery with 800 Wh from FIT, these models offer maximum range, making even the longest journeys and steepest climbs easily manageable. The new frame shape also includes an integrated quick release with theft protection, adding another layer of convenience and security. Experience the future of biking with the P12 models.

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