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i:SY Cargo Bosch 600wh (Smart System - BES3) Cargo Line P12 ZR

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  • Cargo bikes, especially those with an electric drive, are becoming increasingly popular and the cityscape is unimaginable without them. Clever and practical. This makes them a perfect match for the i:SY vehicle concept.

    Our i:SY CARGO models impress with their excellent and extraordinary driving characteristics. Even with a full load, they can be steered through traffic very nimbly, manoeuvrably and precisely. Just as you already know from the i:SY pedelec. That's why newcomers to cargo bikes can use the i:SY Cargo immediately and quickly feel safe with it - while having lots of fun!

    The new BOSCH Smart System also takes you into the digital e-bike world and connects the display, the control unit and the motor with your smartphone via the ebike Flow app. Like every i:SY, the Cargo N3.8 Maxi also impresses with cross-series equipment elements. In addition to height adjustment, the Speedlifter Twist also allows the handlebars to be rotated horizontally by 90 degrees. The pedals can also be folded in with one click.

    With two different model lengths, we offer you the opportunity to find the optimal transport partner for your needs - if there is a little more to move...

    • Powerful Bosch Performance Line Cargo motor with 85 Nm and 545 Wh battery capacity
    • Continuously variable ENVIOLO 3.8 hub gear with low-maintenance GATES® CDX Centertrack toothed belt drive
    • including double leg stand and ABUS frame lock for frame and battery

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