Hamax Pluto Dog Trailer Large

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  • The dog trailer serves as an excellent solution for transporting your canine companion while cycling. It offers a secure and comfortable method to take your furry friend along, whether you’re heading to parks for leisurely strolls, navigating through traffic, or simply seeking an invigorating biking session.

    Designed to cater to the needs of both young pups and older dogs with limited mobility, the trailer proves especially beneficial. It accommodates the requirements of puppies and young dogs, preventing strain during lengthy journeys. Similarly, it aids seniors who may struggle with extended movement.

    The Pluto trailer boasts a thoughtfully designed structure, featuring a low step-in entry, adaptable suspension, washable interior, and ample ventilation. These elements combine to ensure optimal comfort and convenience for your dog throughout the ride.

    With the rise of e-bikes as an alternative family vehicle, the necessity for secure dog transportation has grown more pronounced. E-bike speeds often don’t match a dog’s natural pace, and the distances covered can be substantial. The dog trailer addresses these concerns by allowing you to accompany your furry companion, shielding their paws from harsh surfaces and providing a familiar and safe space to rest.

    It’s important to note that while the dog trailer serves as a valuable means of transportation, it doesn’t replace the need for regular exercise for your pet.

    – Low step-in and gravity point
    – Innovative folding
    – Adjustable suspension
    – Comfortable & washable interior
    – Parking Brake
    – Safety hooks for leash
    – Easy-to-use bicycle hitch
    – Lockable bicycle arm
    – Smart storage of the bicycle arm
    – Choose between M and L model
    – Stroller kit with height adjustable handlebar included
    – Tested and approved according to EN15918.

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