Hamax Breeze trailer

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  • The Hamax Breeze is a versatile child carrier designed for families seeking both functionality and comfort during various outdoor activities. It boasts several features and accessories that cater to different needs:

    Key Features:

    1. Individual Recline: Seats can be adjusted separately, allowing one child to recline for sleep while the other enjoys an upright position.

    2. Handlebar Brake: Easily accessible brake for controlling the trailer's speed, especially useful when navigating downhill slopes.

    3. Detachable Backpack: Attached to the rear of the trailer, providing convenience for carrying essentials and easily detachable for use in stores or other locations.

    4. Integrated Raincover: Stored in a rear pocket, quickly deployable to shield the trailer from sudden rain showers.

    5. Usage as Bike Trailer: Safe transportation for children during bike rides, trips to Kindergarten, or while running errands.

    6. Stroller Functionality: Equipped with a stroller wheel for a seamless transition from biking to strolling, enabling shopping trips or other activities.


    1. Jogger Kit: A wheel attachment for converting the trailer into a jogging stroller, suitable for regular exercise routines or challenging terrains.

    2. Baby Insert: Allows safe carriage of newborns during strolling in the double trailer, usable only in stroller mode.

    More Details:

    • Innovative Folding Mechanism: Facilitates easy storage and transport.
    • Smart Bicycle Hitch: A new, innovative hitch mechanism for safe attachment to bicycles.
    • Lockable Bicycle Arm: Enhances security during use.
    • 5-Point Harness: Ensures child safety and security.
    • Adjustable Sunscreen: Shields children from sunlight.
    • Height-Adjustable Handlebar: Comfortable for various users with soft foam cover.
    • Sporty Seat Padding: Ensures comfort during rides.
    • Adjustable Suspension: Enhances ride comfort on different terrains.
    • Quality Tires: Specifically designed for stability and performance.
    • Reflective Stickers: Enhance visibility for safety.
    • Approved to EN15918/EN1888 Standards: Meeting safety requirements for peace of mind.

    The Hamax Breeze provides a blend of safety features, adaptability, and ease of use, making it suitable for diverse outdoor activities while ensuring children's comfort and security.

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