Bosch Powerpack 400wh Classic

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  • The Bosch PowerPack 400 Wh (11.1 Ah) e-bike battery is designed for use with all Bosch Classic Line 36V mid-motor systems. Depending on the e-bike's design and the selected support level, it can achieve ranges of up to 130 km.

    Which batteries are compatible with the Bosch PowerPack Classic Line frame battery?
    The 400 Wh Classic Line frame battery is a replacement for the 288 Wh or 300 Wh battery in the Classic Line. You can identify Bosch Classic Line frame batteries by their built-in rubber-textile grip. The contact connection on these batteries is larger (60 x 28 mm) than the oval connection on newer systems.

    How can I determine which Bosch motor I have?
    Bosch Classic Line motors are characterized by their "normal-sized" chainring (36-48 teeth). In contrast, Bosch Active Line and Performance Line motors have smaller drive sprockets (14-20 teeth).

    How is the battery inserted, and do I need to consider anything when converting?
    The Bosch Classic 400 Wh battery is installed in the same way as your old Bosch 288 or 300 Wh battery. It can be used immediately without any adjustments.

    Which charger do I need for the Bosch PowerPack Classic Line 400 Wh battery?
    The Bosch Classic charger with a plastic body is the most suitable option. Alternatively, you can use a charger from newer generations in combination with the Bosch Charger Adapter.

    How safe is a Bosch PowerPack Classic Line frame battery?
    The Bosch Classic Line frame battery is equipped with an integrated protection circuit that safeguards against deep discharge, overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. Bosch refers to this protective function as "Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)." If there is imminent danger, the intelligent ECP protection circuit automatically shuts off the battery.

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