Bosch Power Tube 625wh (horizontal)

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  • What more could you want? The new Bosch PowerTube 625 lets you enjoy long and mountainous rides, while still reserving plenty of energy for every adventure. Thanks to a rated capacity of 16.7 Ah and approx. 625 Wh energy content, the lithium-ion battery brings maximum ranges and altitudes within your grasp.

    The well-secured PowerTube 625 will not fall out of its housing, even on demanding terrain. But is still easily removed. After approx. 3.7 hours, the battery is fully charged with the 6 A Fast Charger (4.9 h with the standard charger), while half the charge is already attained after approx. 1.4 hours (2.1 h with the standard charger).

    • Energy content (approx.): 625 Wh.
    • Including Hazardous goods box and operating instructions.
    • Rechargeable battery can be integrated into the bicycle frame.
    • Weight: 3.6 kg.
    • Easy and safe to insert and remove.
    • BES2 only, not compatible with BES3 - Bosch Smart System
    • Integrated battery management system ensures high mileage and long service life.
    • No memory effect and no self-discharge.
    • New batteries only

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