Bosch eBike Alarm and ConnectModule

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  • Safeguard your eBike and enjoy peace of mind with the Bosch eBike Alarm and ConnectModule.

    Designed exclusively for Smart System Bosch eBikes, the Bosch ConnectModule offers an extra layer of security. When activated, it triggers an audible alarm if anyone attempts to tamper with your eBike while it's parked or stored. Additionally, the ConnectModule sends instant notifications to your smartphone through the Bosch eBike Flow app, keeping you informed and in control.

    Once activated, the eBike motor is securely locked, preventing any unauthorized usage. Moreover, you can track your eBike's exact location in real-time using the eBike Flow app, ensuring you can always locate your precious ride.

    Key Features:

    • E-Bike GPS Tracker
    • Compatible with Bosch Smart System e-bikes
    • Precise location transmission via the eBike Flow App
    • Theft detection & acoustic alarm system
    • Integrated battery for convenience
    • Compatible with various holders for Perf. CX/ Cargo Line & Performance Line motors

    Please note that this product is available for in-store collection only and requires professional fitting by a Bosch technician. Invest in the Bosch eBike Alarm and ConnectModule to enhance your eBike security and ride with confidence.

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