Adaptive inclusive cycling

Find a suitable disabled bike for special needs and elderly riders. We offer a range of bikes suitable for riders of all abilities from premium European brands like Nihola and

Cycling and fresh air should be accessible to everyone. Our unique collection of adaptive bikes and special needs bikes offer several options. For instance, bench seats for comfort, options for wheelchair accessibility and even tandem bicycles for riding together. Disability isn’t a reason not to enjoy a bike ride. Most of our bikes in this category also offer electric-assist to help with pedalling.

Bike riding is not only healthy for the body it is also vital for mental health and wellbeing. Riding a bike is a fun and easy way to seek adventure or pop to the shops.  Additionally, riding a bike is healthy for the environment due to reduced pollution and traffic congestion.

All of our bikes come with lifetime customer support. Let our experts help you choose the best bike for your needs and budget.

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