Nijland Toogether Side-By-Side Tandem

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  • With the Toogether E Drive duo bike, nothing will stop you from going out together.

    The driver takes place on the left with the working steering wheel. The passenger sits on the right and can lose his hands on a fixed steering wheel with adjustable gears. The passenger can pedal along but does not have to.

    The driver has the support of the electric motor. With the control display on the handlebar, you can choose from 6 support positions. With the Start & Go function, starting from a standstill is possible with this duo bike, without either of them pedalling!

    The Toogether makes it possible for passengers with a physical and/or mental disability, NDIS clients and senior riders to safely join a bicycle tour.

    Armrests and a seat belt are standard for the passenger seat.

    Both seats and handlebars are adjustable for a relaxed sitting position and personal setting.

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