Tern Weather Top Bag

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  • The WeatherTop Bag appears to be a versatile and rugged 45L carryall designed to work seamlessly with your Transporteur or Hauler Rack. Here are some key features and benefits:

    1. Perfect Fit for Transporteur or Hauler Rack: The bag is specifically created to fit your Transporteur or Hauler Rack perfectly, ensuring a secure and stable attachment.

    2. Easy Attachment and Detachment: It uses Fidlock® magnetic buckles, which are not only secure but also easy to operate. This allows you to attach and detach the bag quickly, making it convenient for use on your rack.

    3. Waterproof and Rugged Construction: The bag is made from recycled waterproof PET material with ultrasonically welded seams. This construction keeps water out and ensures the bag can withstand rugged use.

    4. Roll-Top Mode: You can roll down the top of the bag to create a waterproof seal. This not only keeps your belongings dry in wet weather but also allows for extendable volume when needed. It's a great feature for accommodating varying load sizes.

    5. Built-in Drainage System: The bag includes a built-in drainage system, which is particularly useful when you're using it in Roll-Top Mode. This prevents water from accumulating inside the bag, further protecting your items.

    6. Bucket Mode: If you prefer a roomy, open bag, you can tuck the top portion into the bag to create a toss-and-go bucket-style bag. This versatility makes it suitable for various carrying needs.

    7. Convenient Tote-Style Straps: The bag comes with comfortable tote-style straps, making it easy to carry when it's not on your rack. This feature is particularly handy for trips to the farmers' market or grocery store.

    8. Internal Zipper Pocket: Inside the bag, there is an internal zipper pocket. This pocket can be used to securely store smaller items like your wallet, keys, or phone, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

    Overall, the WeatherTop Bag seems to be a well-designed and functional accessory for those who frequently use a Transporteur or Hauler Rack. Its waterproof and adaptable design, along with thoughtful features like the Fidlock® magnetic buckles and internal pocket, make it a versatile and reliable option for carrying your gear and belongings while on the go.

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