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  • Meet the Tern Tool, your ultimate companion for uninterrupted cycling journeys. Specifically engineered for Tern bikes, this multi-tool is a cyclist's essential, featuring 19 indispensable functions to keep you rolling smoothly on the road. It includes a 15 mm wrench for tightening axle nuts and pedals, as well as a 6 mm wrench tailored for adjusting Tern joint levers, ensuring that your Tern bike is always in top condition.

    Additionally, the Tern Tool comes with a neoprene cover that can be easily slid onto the body handle, providing a more comfortable grip during usage. This versatile tool folds into a sleek, compact size and seamlessly fits under your bike saddle, thanks to the integrated strap, ensuring discreet and secure storage.

    Key Features:

    • 19 integrated tools for comprehensive on-the-go repairs and adjustments.
    • Patented StuckNut design securely locks wrenches in place, ensuring reliable performance.
    • Neoprene cover for enhanced grip and ergonomic handling.
    • Integrated strap for convenient and secure storage beneath the saddle, keeping the tool readily accessible.
    • Includes a tire patch kit, covering your basic tire repair needs.
    • Compact dimensions: 86 mm x 51 mm x 30 mm.
    • Lightweight design: 181 g, making it easy to carry on your rides.

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