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  • The Storm Box is an accessory designed to significantly expand the functionality and weather protection of the rear of the GSD (Gen 2) bicycle when combined with the Clubhouse+ and Sidekick Wide Decks. Here are the key features and details of the Storm Box:

    1. Massive Weather-Protected Bucket: When used in combination with the Clubhouse+ and Sidekick Wide Decks, the Storm Box transforms the rear of the GSD into a large, weather-protected storage space. It acts like a protective bucket for carrying various items.

    2. Dual Weather-Resistant Lids: The Storm Box features two weather-resistant lids. The Cargo Lid is lockable and designed to protect your cargo from rain and potential theft by keeping it secure and dry. The Kid Lid is designed to cinch tightly to provide warmth and protection for young passengers, even on days with bad weather.

    3. Part of the Clubhouse Fort: The Storm Box is a component of the Clubhouse Fort, which provides all-weather protection for a child passenger. It offers a safe and secure environment for kids riding on the GSD.

    4. Carry Capacity: The Storm Box allows you to carry up to 160 liters of cargo, making it suitable for various hauling needs, whether it's groceries, equipment, or other items.

    5. Compatibility: It is compatible with both the Clubhouse+ Flatbar and the Child Seat Expansion Bar, allowing you to configure your GSD to accommodate different passenger and cargo arrangements.

    6. Mitten and Cup Catcher: The Storm Box is designed with thoughtful features, including the ability to catch items like mittens, sippy cups, teddy bears, or anything else that may accidentally fall from little hands while riding, helping to prevent losses.

    7. Storm Shield Compatibility: While not included, the Storm Box can be further enhanced with the addition of the Storm Shield, which provides even more comprehensive weather protection for both passengers and cargo.

    8. Requirements: To use the Storm Box, you must have the Clubhouse+ and Sidekick Wide Decks installed on the GSD Gen 2.

    In summary, the Storm Box is a versatile accessory for the GSD Gen 2 bicycle that greatly expands its utility and provides weather protection for passengers and cargo. It's particularly well-suited for carrying children and transporting various items, making it a valuable addition for those who use their GSD for family and cargo biking.

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