Tern Stirrups

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  • The Sidekick Stirrups are designed to provide comfortable and secure foot support for older child passengers on a bicycle. Here are the key features and details about these stirrups:

    1. Passenger Size: The Sidekick Stirrups are suitable for passengers who are over 110 cm (3 feet 7 inches) tall and weigh between 18 - 45 kg (40 - 99 pounds). This makes them ideal for older kids who are too big for traditional child seats but still need foot support.

    2. Compatibility: These stirrups are specifically designed for use with certain bike models, such as the Quick Haul and Short Haul, when the Cargo Hold 37 Panniers or Storm Box Mini are not in use. They provide a convenient alternative for older child passengers.

    3. Reflective Accents: The stirrups feature reflective accents, which enhance visibility during low-light conditions or nighttime riding. This safety feature helps make both the child and the cyclist more visible to others on the road.

    4. Easy Installation and Removal: Installing and removing the Sidekick Stirrups is a hassle-free process that requires no tools. This makes it convenient for riders to set up the stirrups when needed and remove them when not in use.

    5. Foldable Design: When not in use, these stirrups can be flat folded. This foldable design allows for a slimmer profile, reducing interference when not in use and making it easier to store or transport the bike.

    6. Pannier Compatibility: The Sidekick Stirrups are compatible with some panniers, such as the Bucketload Pannier or the Ortlieb Back-Roller. This means you can still use panniers for carrying cargo alongside the stirrups for your child passenger.

    Overall, the Sidekick Stirrups provide a practical and safe solution for transporting older child passengers on your bicycle. They offer comfort, security, and visibility features to ensure a pleasant and secure riding experience for both the child and the cyclist.

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