Tern Sidekick Foot Rests

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  • The Sidekick Footrests are designed to provide secure and comfortable foot support for passengers riding on certain bicycles, primarily the HSD but also compatible with other bikes. Here are some key features and information about the Sidekick Footrests:

    1. Compatibility: While primarily designed for the HSD bicycle, the Sidekick Footrests are also compatible with other bike models. This versatility allows riders to use them on a range of bicycles to provide passenger comfort and support.

    2. Passenger Comfort: The primary purpose of these footrests is to enhance the comfort and style of passengers. They offer a stable platform for passengers to rest their feet, ensuring a more relaxed and enjoyable riding experience.

    3. Durable Aluminum Deck: The footrests feature a durable aluminum deck, which provides a sturdy and reliable surface for foot support. This construction ensures that the footrests can withstand regular use and provide long-lasting comfort for passengers.

    4. Non-Slip Design: To enhance safety, the footrests come equipped with 3M non-slip paper. This feature helps prevent passengers' feet from slipping or sliding, even in wet or rainy conditions. It contributes to a secure and stable footing for riders.

    5. Compatibility with Rear-Rack Accessories: The Sidekick Footrests are designed to be compatible with most rear-rack accessories. This means you can use them alongside panniers, the Kontti Basket, and other rear-mounted items without interference or compatibility issues.

    In summary, the Sidekick Footrests are a valuable accessory for bicycles, designed to enhance the comfort and safety of passengers. With their non-retractable design, durable construction, non-slip surface, and compatibility with rear-rack accessories, these footrests provide a practical solution for ensuring that passengers can ride in style and comfort while enjoying a secure footing.

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