Tern Sidekick Foot Pegs

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  • The Sidekick Foot Pegs are a thoughtful accessory designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of rear passengers riding on the Tern GSD Gen 1 bicycle. Here are some key features and information about the Sidekick Foot Pegs:

    1. Specifically Designed for Tern GSD Gen 1: These foot pegs are specially designed to be compatible with the Tern GSD Gen 1 bicycle model. They are engineered to seamlessly integrate with this particular bike, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment.

    2. Passenger Comfort: The primary purpose of the Sidekick Foot Pegs is to provide rear passengers with comfortable foot supports during the ride. These retractable pegs offer a stable and ergonomic platform for passengers to place their feet, allowing them to ride in comfort and style.

    3. Retractable Design: One of the standout features of these foot pegs is their retractable design. When not in use, the foot pegs can be easily tucked into the frame of the bike. This minimizes the risk of interference or obstruction when the foot pegs are not needed.

    4. One-Push Deployment: When you do need the foot pegs, they can be effortlessly deployed with a simple push. This user-friendly mechanism ensures that passengers can quickly and conveniently access the foot pegs whenever they want to use them.

    5. Space-Saving: The retractable design not only provides convenience but also helps in saving space on the bike. It ensures that the foot pegs don't protrude unnecessarily when not in use, maintaining a sleek and clutter-free appearance.

    In summary, the Sidekick Foot Pegs are a valuable accessory for the Tern GSD Gen 1 bicycle, designed to enhance the riding experience for rear passengers. With their retractable design and ease of use, these foot pegs provide a comfortable and stylish solution for passengers, while also contributing to the overall functionality and aesthetics of the bike.

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