Tern Sidekick Bars

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  • The Sidekick Bars are designed as a practical and secure handhold accessory for passengers riding on a GSD (short for "Get Stuff Done") bicycle. Here are some key features and information about the Sidekick Bars:

    1. Passenger Support: The primary function of the Sidekick Bars is to provide a strong and secure handhold for passengers riding on the back of a GSD bicycle. This feature is especially important for ensuring the safety and stability of passengers during the ride.

    2. Mounting to Seatpost: The Sidekick Bars are mounted to the seatpost of the bicycle. This positioning allows passengers to have a firm grip and maintain balance while riding.

    3. Adjustable Ride Position: The Sidekick Bars can be adjusted to set the ride position according to the passenger's comfort and preferences. This customization helps accommodate riders of different sizes and riding styles.

    4. Ergonomic Grips: To enhance comfort during the ride, the Sidekick Bars are equipped with ergonomic grips. These grips are designed to reduce hand fatigue and provide a comfortable and secure hold.

    5. Integrated BioLogic T-Tool: The Sidekick Bars come with an integrated BioLogic T-Tool, which includes a 4/5/6 mm allen key. This tool can be used for on-the-road repairs and adjustments, adding convenience for cyclists.

    6. Part of Passenger System: The Sidekick Bars are part of the Passenger System for the GSD bicycle. This means that other accessories and components may be required to safely carry passengers, ensuring a comprehensive and safe riding experience.

    7. Compatibility: For maximum comfort and safety, the Sidekick Bars can be combined with other products in the Sidekick rear passenger series. This modular approach allows cyclists to tailor their setup to their specific needs.

    In summary, the Sidekick Bars are an essential accessory for GSD bicycle owners who want to carry passengers safely and comfortably. They provide a secure handhold, ergonomic grips, and the flexibility to adjust the ride position. When combined with other components in the Passenger System, they contribute to a comprehensive and safe passenger-carrying setup on the bicycle.

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