Tern Shortbed Tray

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  • Introducing the Shortbed Tray, a robust cargo upgrade engineered for heavy-duty loads. Designed to accommodate standard 600 × 400 mm Eurocrates, this tray boasts a capacity of up to 80 liters—perfect for a range of needs. Whether you're heading to soccer practice with a cooler in tow or making a quick IKEA run, the Shortbed Tray has you covered. Customize your setup to suit your cargo requirements with this versatile addition.

    Key features:

    • Heavy-duty rear cargo carrier capable of transporting up to 35 kg (77 lb)
    • Specifically designed to fit standard 600 × 400 mm Eurocrates, coolers, and even your weekend IKEA haul
    • Mounts perpendicular or parallel on the GSD, and perpendicular on other bikes—click here to learn more
    • Easy access to the battery with no additional hassle
    • Includes two Tern SideStrap bungees for added convenience
    • Inner dimensions: 425 × 607 × 60 mm (17” x 24” x 2.4”)
    • Originally designed for the GSD, this tray is also compatible with other bikes

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