Tern Sidekick Seatpad

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  • The Sidekick Seat Pad is an accessory designed to provide added comfort and convenience for passengers on certain bicycles. Here are some key features and details about the Sidekick Seat Pad:

    1. Comfortable Riding: The Sidekick Seat Pad is intended to make the passenger's ride more comfortable, providing a cushioned surface to sit on.

    2. Easy Installation: It utilizes a KLICKfix® rack mount system, which allows for quick and easy attachment and removal. This makes it convenient for riders who want to switch between having the seat pad and using the bike rack for other purposes.

    3. Compatibility: The Sidekick Seat Pad is designed to be compatible with specific bike models, such as the GSD, and it can also work with other bikes, provided they have the appropriate rack system.

    4. Multiple Accessories: It can be paired with other Sidekick accessories to enhance comfort and convenience further. This suggests that there may be additional add-ons available to customize the passenger experience.

    5. Rack-Top Cushion: The seat pad adds a cushioned layer to the top of a compatible bike's rack, offering a comfortable seating option for passengers.

    6. Water Resistant: The design of the Sidekick Seat Pad is water-resistant, making it suitable for riding in various weather conditions.

    7. Reflective Accents: For nighttime visibility and safety, the seat pad includes reflective accents, which enhance the rider's visibility in low-light conditions.

    8. Recommended Height: The manufacturer recommends that passengers be at least 140 cm (4'7") in height or approximately 10 years old to use the Sidekick Seat Pad. However, it's essential to consider individual differences, and consulting with a pediatrician for specific recommendations for your child is advisable.

    Overall, the Sidekick Seat Pad is designed to offer a comfortable and practical solution for passengers on compatible bicycles, making it a versatile accessory for family biking adventures.

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