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Tern GSD Safety Kit

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  • Introducing the GSD Safety Kit  – a comprehensive set of accessories meticulously crafted to optimize the stability, usability, and versatility of your bicycle, whether you're navigating city streets with passengers or transporting heavy cargo. The GSD Safety Kit seamlessly integrates the Lockstand Extensions for Atlas Lockstand and DuoStand Gen 2, along with the innovative Lockstand QuadStruts tailored for the GSD Gen 2 cargo bike. Here's a closer look at the key features:

    Lockstand Extensions for Atlas Lockstand and DuoStand Gen 2:

    • Compatibility: Specifically designed as add-ons for the Atlas Lockstand and DuoStand Gen 2 kickstands, ensuring seamless integration.
    • Improved Stability: Significantly widens the kickstand footprint at a right angle, providing a stable base crucial for loading and unloading passengers or heavy cargo.
    • Easier Activation: Facilitates foot-activated kickstand deployment, especially beneficial when your bike is equipped with fully-loaded panniers or accessories.
    • Passenger and Cargo Support: Versatile design catering to both child passengers and heavy loads, enhancing overall stability and kickstand usability.
    • Tubular Construction: Constructed with durable tubular materials to withstand the weight of heavy loads, ensuring stability when parked.
    • Rubberized Feet: Dual-purpose rubberized feet protect indoor flooring and provide additional grip and stability on uneven surfaces.
    • Replaceable Rubberized Feet: Ensures a prolonged lifespan by allowing easy replacement of worn-out rubberized feet.

    Lockstand QuadStruts for GSD Gen 2 Cargo Bike:

    • Additional Set of Steel Legs: Provides an extra set of robust steel legs working in tandem with the Atlas Lockstand on the GSD Gen 2 cargo bike, enhancing stability during critical loading and unloading moments.
    • Patented Design: Significantly widens the kickstand span with a patented design, crucial for maintaining stability when balancing the bike with kids or heavy cargo.
    • Tandem Operation with Atlas Lockstand: Seamlessly integrates with the Atlas Lockstand, eliminating the need for separate deployment and ensuring quick and easy enhancement of the bike's stability.
    • No Interference with Vertical Parking: Specifically designed not to interfere with the Vertical Parking feature of the GSD when disengaged, allowing you to park your bike vertically without hindrance.

    In summary, the GSD Safety Kit is the ultimate solution for cyclists seeking an all-encompassing accessory set. Whether you're on family rides or transporting goods, this kit combines the Lockstand Extensions and QuadStruts to provide unmatched stability, ease of use, and durability, ensuring a safer and more convenient cycling experience.

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