Tern Quick Release CMT

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  • The Quick Release CMT (Combo Mount Tool) is a handy accessory designed to provide easy and tool-free installation and removal of front-mounted racks and accessories on Tern bikes equipped with a Combo Mount. Here are some key features and information about the Quick Release CMT:

    1. Compatibility: The Quick Release CMT is specifically designed for Tern bicycles that are equipped with a Combo Mount. This compatibility ensures that it works seamlessly with Tern's front-mounted racks and accessories.

    2. Quick and Tool-Free Installation/Removal: One of the primary benefits of the Quick Release CMT is its ability to allow cyclists to install or remove front-mounted racks and accessories quickly, in under a minute. This feature is especially convenient when you want to change your bike's setup on the go.

    3. No Tools Required: As the name suggests, the Quick Release CMT doesn't require any tools for installation or removal. This eliminates the need for carrying additional tools with you and simplifies the process.

    4. Versatility: This accessory provides a hassle-free option to switch between different accessories according to your needs. For example, you can easily remove a front-mounted rack if you're not using it for a particular ride or to reduce the bike's size for storage or transportation in smaller vehicles.

    In summary, the Quick Release CMT is a practical addition to Tern bicycles with Combo Mounts, making it easy and convenient for cyclists to quickly change their bike's setup or remove front-mounted racks and accessories as needed. This tool-free and hassle-free solution enhances the versatility of Tern bikes and accessories, allowing riders to adapt to different riding scenarios and storage requirements with ease.

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