Tern Pannier Adapter

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  • The Pannier Adapter is a handy accessory designed to facilitate compatibility between the Cargo Hold panniers (either the Cargo Hold 37s or the Cargo Hold 52s) and a child seat positioned at the rear of the GSD bike.

    Here are the key features and functionalities of the Pannier Adapter:

    1. Purpose: The adapter serves to enable the smooth coexistence of the Cargo Hold panniers with a child seat mounted in the rear position on the GSD bike.

    2. Attachment Method:

      • It allows you to attach the outer straps of the panniers together across the top of the bike's rear rack, ensuring that the child seat's legs can fit inside the open panniers.
      • By doing so, the adapter prevents the straps from dangling around while you ride, maintaining a tidier setup.
    3. Construction and Convenience:

      • Made from durable nylon material, ensuring longevity and reliability.
      • Equipped with easy-to-operate Fidlock® magnetic buckles for hassle-free operation and secure attachment.
    4. Storage:

      • When not in use, the Pannier Adapter can be conveniently stored in a pannier pocket, allowing for easy access and keeping it accessible for whenever it's needed.
    5. Compatibility:

      • Specifically designed to work with either the Cargo Hold 37 or Cargo Hold 52 Panniers when used in conjunction with a child seat positioned at the rear of the GSD bike.
    6. Checking Compatibility:

      • To determine if the Pannier Adapter is necessary for your setup, you can refer to the provided article or guidelines to understand if your configuration requires this adapter for optimal compatibility.

    Overall, the Pannier Adapter serves as a practical solution to ensure the smooth and tidy coexistence of the Cargo Hold panniers and a child seat, enhancing convenience and organization while riding with a rear-mounted child seat on the GSD bike.

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