Tern Luggage Truss

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  • The Tern Luggage Truss is a versatile accessory designed to attach bags, baskets, and racks to the front of a Tern bike. Here are its key features and benefits:

    1. Frame-Mounted Cargo Attachment: The Luggage Truss is cleverly designed to attach cargo to the frame of your bike, rather than to the fork or handlebar. This means that your cargo is securely and stably attached to the bike's frame, ensuring that it doesn't affect the steering of the bike. This is particularly important for maintaining safe and stable handling while carrying loads.

    2. Rugged Aluminum Construction: The Luggage Truss is fabricated from rugged aluminum, which provides exceptional stiffness and durability. This construction allows it to support loads of up to 7 kg (15 lb), making it suitable for various cargo-carrying needs.

    3. KLICKfix™ Quick-Release Connector: The Luggage Truss features a KLICKfix™ quick-release connector. This connector allows you to easily attach and detach bags and baskets at the push of a button. It simplifies the process of adding or removing cargo from your bike, enhancing convenience.

    4. Integrated Key Lock: To prevent theft of your attached cargo or accessories, the Luggage Truss includes an integrated key lock. This adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind when leaving your bike unattended.

    5. No Steering Impact: Unlike handlebar- or fork-mounted cargo systems, the Luggage Truss ensures that your cargo doesn't affect the steering of your bike. This design feature is crucial for maintaining stable and safe riding, even with a loaded front end.

    6. Compatibility with KLICKfix™ Accessories: The Luggage Truss is compatible with a range of KLICKfix™ bags, racks, and baskets. This compatibility allows you to choose from various accessories to suit your specific cargo-carrying needs.

    Overall, the Tern Luggage Truss is a practical and versatile solution for front-mounted cargo attachment on Tern bikes. Its sturdy construction, quick-release connector, integrated lock, and steering-neutral design make it a valuable addition for cyclists who regularly carry loads on the front of their bikes.

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