Tern Lockstand Extentions

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  • The Lockstand Extensions are an accessory designed to enhance the stability and usability of the Atlas Lockstand and the DuoStand Gen 2. These extensions are especially useful when carrying passengers or heavy cargo on your bicycle. Here are some key features and information about the Lockstand Extensions:

    1. Compatibility: The Lockstand Extensions are designed to be used as add-ons for the Atlas Lockstand and the DuoStand Gen 2 kickstands. They work in conjunction with these kickstand models to provide additional stability and ease of use.

    2. Improved Stability: One of the primary purposes of these extensions is to significantly increase the stability of your kickstand setup. They widen the footprint of the stand by extending outwards at a right angle. This wider base provides rock-solid support, which is crucial when loading and unloading passengers or heavy cargo.

    3. Easier Activation: The Lockstand Extensions also make it easier to activate the kickstand using your foot. When you have fully-loaded panniers or other accessories on your bike, finding the kickstand with your foot can be challenging. These extensions extend outwards, making it more accessible for you to activate the kickstand.

    4. Passenger and Cargo Support: These extensions are versatile and designed to support both passengers and cargo. Whether you're carrying a child or a heavy load, they enhance the overall stability and usability of your bike's kickstand.

    5. Tubular Construction: The Lockstand Extensions are constructed with strong and durable tubular materials. This construction is designed to withstand the weight of heavy loads, ensuring that your bike remains stable when parked.

    6. Rubberized Feet: The extensions feature rubberized feet that serve two purposes. Firstly, they protect indoor flooring from scratches or damage when you park your bike indoors. Secondly, they provide additional grip and stability when the bike is on uneven surfaces.

    7. Replaceable Rubberized Feet: The rubberized feet are replaceable, which means that if they wear out over time, you can easily replace them, extending the lifespan and usability of the Lockstand Extensions.

    In summary, the Lockstand Extensions are a valuable accessory for bicycle riders who carry passengers or heavy cargo. They enhance the stability of the kickstand setup, provide easier access for activation, and ensure that your bike remains steady during loading and unloading. Whether you use your bike for family rides or transporting goods, these extensions are designed to make your cycling experience safer and more convenient.

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