Tern Kontti Basket

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  • The Tern Kontti Basket is a versatile and durable bike basket designed to make your cycling experience more convenient and efficient. Here are some key features and information about the Tern Kontti Basket:

    1. One-Handed Mounting/Dismounting: The Tern Kontti Basket is designed for easy installation and removal from your bike's rear rack. You can attach or detach it with just one hand, making it a user-friendly and convenient accessory.

    2. Spacious and Lightweight: Despite its generous storage capacity, the Kontti Basket remains lightweight. This allows you to carry various items, such as groceries, bags, or other essentials, without adding significant weight to your bike.

    3. Easy to Clean: The basket is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. This is especially important for riders who use it to transport groceries or other items that may leave residue or dirt. Keeping it clean ensures it remains in good condition.

    4. Genuine Ortlieb® Pannier Mounts: The Tern Kontti Basket features Ortlieb® pannier mounts, known for their quality and reliability. These mounts provide a secure attachment to your bike's rear rack, ensuring that the basket stays firmly in place during your rides.

    5. Reflective Strips: For enhanced safety, the Kontti Basket is equipped with reflective strips. These strips improve visibility, making you more noticeable to other road users, particularly in low-light conditions or at night.

    6. Rugged Handle: The basket includes a sturdy handle, allowing you to use it as a portable shopping basket when you need to run errands in the city. This feature adds versatility to the basket's functionality.

    In summary, the Tern Kontti Basket is a practical and reliable accessory for cyclists. Its lightweight design, easy installation, and spacious capacity make it an ideal choice for those who frequently use their bikes for shopping or carrying various items. Additionally, the inclusion of reflective strips and a rugged handle enhances its utility and safety for city riding.

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