Tern Kanga Rack

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  • The Kanga Rack is a versatile cargo rack designed to carry various types of loads, including backpacks, laptop bags, or groceries, on your bicycle. Here are its key features:

    1. Adjustable Strap System: The Kanga Rack features an ingenious KlickFix® strap system that can be adjusted to accommodate bags or packages of different shapes and sizes. This system ensures a secure and tight fit for your cargo.

    2. Easy Mounting and Detaching: The rack is designed for easy installation and removal. When you need to use it, you can quickly attach it to your bicycle frame. Conversely, when you don't need it, you can push a button to detach it, providing convenience and flexibility.

    3. Frame-Mounted for Stability: Unlike handlebar- or fork-mounted cargo systems, the Kanga Rack connects directly to the frame of your bicycle. This design enhances stability and ensures that heavy loads can be carried without negatively affecting the steering of your bike.

    4. Compatibility with KLICKfix®: The Kanga Rack is compatible with KLICKfix® handlebar adapter systems. This compatibility adds versatility to your cargo-carrying options, allowing you to use various KLICKfix® accessories with the rack.

    5. Requires Luggage Truss: To mount the Kanga Rack to your bicycle frame, you will need the Tern Luggage Truss or Luggage Truss CMT. These trusses provide the necessary attachment points for the rack, ensuring a secure and stable connection.

    Overall, the Kanga Rack is a practical solution for cyclists who need to carry cargo on their bicycles. Its adjustable strap system, ease of mounting and detaching, frame-mounted design for stability, and compatibility with KLICKfix® make it a versatile and user-friendly accessory for transporting various types of loads, from everyday essentials to larger items.

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