Tern Joy Ride Bars

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  • The Sidekick Joyride Bars offer valuable protection and stability for passengers traveling on the GSD and HSD. When combined with the Captain's Chair, they create a comfortable seating arrangement suitable for larger children or adult passengers. This setup can also be used to transport crates and boxes during your grocery runs, providing a versatile solution for carrying various cargo.

    • Delivers enhanced protection and stability to passengers occupying the Captain's Chair Incorporates ergonomic grips to ensure additional comfort during the ride
    • Features extended side rails for added hand protection
    • Creates additional space for transporting crates and boxes when used in conjunction with the Captain's Chair

    Please take note, for riders of shorter stature: The inclusion of the Sidekick Joyride Bars may raise the minimum saddle height. Additionally, passengers may need the Sidekick Joyride Bars to be positioned at a higher level for optimal use.

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