Tern Hold 'm Basket

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  • The Hold 'Em Basket is a practical front-mounted bicycle basket designed for urban commuting and shopping. Here are its key features:

    1. Stout Frame-Mounted Design: The basket is securely mounted on the frame of your bicycle when paired with the Luggage Truss or Luggage Truss CMT. This design ensures stable steering while carrying cargo, making it suitable for city riding.

    2. Water-Resistant Cinch-Top Cover: The basket features a cinch-top cover that is water-resistant. This cover helps hold groceries or backpacks securely inside the basket, protecting your belongings from the elements and preventing them from spilling out during the ride.

    3. Durable and Easy-to-Clean: The basket is designed to withstand all-season use. Its durable construction means it can handle the rigors of daily commuting, and it's easy to clean, ensuring it remains in good condition over time.

    4. Quick Attachment and Detachment: The basket can be easily attached to or detached from your bike in seconds. It utilizes the KLICKfix® Handlebar Adapter System, which simplifies the process and allows you to use the basket as needed without a complicated installation.

    5. Stable Steering: When mounted to a Luggage Truss on the frame of your bicycle, the basket does not affect the steering of your bike. This ensures that your bike remains easy to maneuver even with the basket attached.

    6. KLICKfix® Handlebar Adapter System Compatibility: The basket is compatible with the KLICKfix® Handlebar Adapter System, which is a widely recognized and user-friendly mounting system for various bicycle accessories. This compatibility enhances the basket's versatility and ease of use.

    Overall, the Hold 'Em Basket is a convenient and functional accessory for urban cyclists. Its secure mounting, weather-resistant cover, durability, and quick attachment/detachment make it an excellent choice for carrying groceries, backpacks, or other items while navigating city streets. Whether you're running errands or commuting, this basket can be a valuable addition to your bike setup.

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