Tern Clubhouse Mini

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  • The Clubhouse Mini is a versatile accessory designed to enhance the functionality of your bicycle, making it capable of carrying passengers or cargo. Here are the key features and benefits of the Clubhouse Mini:

    1. Passenger and Cargo Capability: The Clubhouse Mini is designed to accommodate either passengers or cargo. You can use it to carry one child in a child seat or one older child on the Clubhouse MadPad. When not transporting passengers, it offers a generous 400 x 400 mm of interior space, making it suitable for various cargo needs, such as grocery shopping.

    2. Child Seat Compatibility: It can securely fit one child in a child seat, providing a safe and comfortable ride for your little one.

    3. Extended Side Rails: The Clubhouse Mini is equipped with extended side rails that provide added protection for your child's hands, ensuring safety during the ride.

    4. Quick Conversion: It can be converted from a passenger carrier to a heavy-duty grocery-hauler in a matter of seconds, offering versatility for your biking needs.

    5. Supports Vertical Parking: The Clubhouse Mini is designed to support vertical parking, making it easier to store your bike when not in use.

    6. Bottle Mounts: It includes four bottle mounts, allowing you to attach water bottles, coffee mugs, or locks for added convenience during your rides.

    7. Compatibility with Accessories: The Clubhouse Mini is compatible with various accessories, such as the Storm Box Mini, Storm Shield Mini, Soft Crate Mini, and other handy attachments, allowing you to customize your setup to suit your specific needs.

    8. Pediatric Guidelines: It's important to note that when carrying older children (referred to as "big kids," approximately 18+ kg or 40+ lb, or 5+ years old), individual variation exists. It's advisable to check with your pediatrician to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable when using the Clubhouse Mini.

    In summary, the Clubhouse Mini is a versatile accessory that transforms your bike into a multi-purpose transportation solution. Whether you need to carry passengers or cargo, it offers the flexibility to meet your biking needs, with safety features and compatibility with various accessories to enhance your riding experience.

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