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  • The GSD (Get Stuff Done) bike can be transformed into a versatile minivan with the Clubhouse+ accessory. This modification allows you to create a comfortable, enclosed space for two kids, making it a fun and practical option for family transportation. Here's how you can use it:

    1. Clubhouse+ Installation: To start, you'll need to install the Clubhouse+ accessory. This accessory includes a seatpad and backrest, creating a comfy space for two kids aged 5 to 10 years old. It may also accommodate younger children when used with compatible child seats.

    2. Child Seat Expansion Bar: The modular design of the GSD includes a Child Seat Expansion Bar. This bar can support one compatible child seat in the rear position or two Thule Yepp Maxi seats.

    3. Heavy-Duty Grocery Hauler: If you need to use the GSD for grocery shopping or heavy-duty hauling, you can easily convert it. Simply swap out the seat cushions for a Eurocrate, which provides ample cargo space for your groceries or other items. The bike is built to accommodate 600 × 400 mm Eurocrates.

    4. Bottle Mounts: The GSD is equipped with four bottle mounts, allowing you to secure water bottles, coffee mugs, or even locks for added convenience during your rides.

    5. Hand Protection: The bike is designed with extended side rails to offer additional hand protection, ensuring the safety of your passengers and cargo.

    6. Rail Padding: Bar tape is included to provide padding for the rails, enhancing comfort and safety for your kids or cargo.

    7. Vertical Parking: When using the Flat Bar accessory, the GSD supports vertical parking, which can save space in storage or parking areas. However, please note that the Child Seat Expansion Bar may interfere with vertical parking.

    Here are the dimensions and weights for reference:

    • Dimensions with Flat Bar: 687 × 552 × 256 mm
    • Dimensions with Child Seat Expansion Bar: 795 × 552 × 256 mm
    • Weight with Seat Pad and Flat Bar: 2.77 kg
    • Weight with Child Seat Expansion Bar: 1.78 kg

    Remember to follow the recommended height guidelines (between 110-140 cm) for the children using the Clubhouse+ accessory, and ensure that if you're using the Child Seat Expansion Bar, the rear position must be occupied by a child seat. Enjoy your transformed GSD minivan for a more enjoyable and versatile riding experience!

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